Yep! Shake Popcorn Trio

by Molly Cashman
Yep! Popcorn

We are thrilled to partner with Bebe at @champagneandcookies to bring you these flavor blasted popcorn recipes featuring our Yep! Shake seasonings.  We used the Ranch, Paprikash and Southwestern to dress up this popcorn trio, each with its own flavor twist. The perfect recipe for us is 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 1/3 cup red heirloom popcorn, 3 tablespoons of melted ghee, the Yep! Shake seasoning of your choice and a little garlic salt! For the trio we used 1 tablespoon of melted ghee on each bowl and topped each with a different seasoning. Get creative and make it your own, you can always use your favorite popcorn kernels, swap in butter and your preferred salt. Perfect for movie night!

Serving Size: 12 cups (about 4 servings)


  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/3 cup red heirloom popcorn kernels or your preferred popcorn
  • 3 tablespoons of melted salted butter or ghee 
  • Yep! Shake seasoning of your choice (shake shake shake to taste!)
  • A dash of extra garlic salt or your preferred salt if desired


  • Heat the oil in your popper or kettle. *Bebe uses a West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper, however you can use the popper of your choice, even a large kettle with a tight fitted lid.* Test the heat of the oil by dropping in a few of the kernels and when they pop, the oil is ready.
  • Add the rest of your popcorn and put on the lid. Pop until popping subsides and unplug your popper or remove kettle from the heat.
  • Slowly, remove the lid away from you to ensure safety.  In a small saucepan, melt your ghee or butter then in three separate bowls, place your popcorn.
  • In each bowl, drizzle 1 tablespoon of melted ghee or butter over your popcorn, sprinkle salt and Yep! Shake to taste and toss with your hands gently to distribute flavorings.
  • Enjoy!