In our family, gathering around the table to enjoy a homecooked meal is a way of life. It’s a time to exchange stories about the day, look one another in the eye, and leave the technology behind. To connect and recharge. Yep! Shake was developed as a way to make it easier to prepare fresh and flavorful food for the ones you love with just a few shakes.

It all started in our family kitchen with Yep! Shake Original. Our founder and head chef, Wishbone, spent years perfecting the formula – blending together different herbs and spices to get just the right mix of flavors to elevate every dish. Truly, every dish. Once Wishbone got the formula for Yep! Shake Original just right, he branched out into other flavors of seasonings and sauces and hasn’t stopped creating since!



Meet Chris “Wishbone” Walker – creator of Yep! Shake, grower of heirloom tomatoes, rider of wild horses, bus boy at his restaurant Blue Moon Specialty Foods, teacher of all things, grandfather to three kiddos, and character of all characters. Wishbone spent his summers in college working on guest ranches out West, training wild horses and cooking fantastic meals on pack trips. He brought his love of cooking back home to Spartanburg, SC where he helped to open several restaurants and served as head chef.

Unfortunately his horseback riding days got the better of him and he ended up having a hip replacement at the young age of 26 and his doctors told him his days of being a chef on his feet all day were over. He took a job in sales while he raised two girls, but always maintained a love of cooking and creating unique fresh flavors. He started making Yep! Shake in his home kitchen giving it out to friends and family for holiday gifts. Of course, everyone loved it and soon wanted to buy more or gift it themselves.

That’s when he decided to get serious about packaging and selling his products and signed up to be one of the first vendors at the Hub City Farmer’s Market in Spartanburg, SC. He got a great response to Yep! Shake and his other products and slowly built the business from there, from the roots up.



While Wishbone was having fun selling his products at farmers markets and to other independent stores around South Carolina, his daughter, Molly, was cutting her teeth in the corporate marketing world. She spent a decade working for top notch companies, including, Wyche Law Firm and Pure Barre – learning everything she could about marketing, business development, finance, customer service and more. In the meantime, Molly started having babies and after her husband finished his residency, he decided to take a job in Molly’s hometown of Spartanburg, SC.

After years of being her Dad’s cheerleader from the sidelines, Molly decided it was time to leave the corporate world and take the leap into the entrepreneurship with her Dad. They opened a gourmet food market and restaurant in Spartanburg called Blue Moon Specialty Foods featuring Yep! Shake along with many of her Dad’s other famous recipes. They hired an all-star team of chefs and bakers and stay busy serving breakfast and lunch to their regulars, catering and hosting events for local Spartanburg businesses, and preparing food with love for people near and far.


Throughout the years, Yep! Shake has continued to grow in popularity and gain a cult following. We often get calls from people in crisis mode because their bottle is almost empty and need us to overnight them more Yep! Shake because they can’t cook a single meal without it. We know, we feel ya! We are excited to introduce Yep! Shake to a broader audience around the country and the world. Our goal is to help make it easier for you to gather around the table serving fresh and flavorful food to those you love with ease and confidence. So come on, give it a shake with us! If you’re ever in Spartanburg, SC – make sure to stop by our restaurant and gourmet market, Blue Moon, to share your Yep! stories and to say hello.